Jessica K. Slatus LCSW | Eating Disorder Treatment
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Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment

Sometimes our bodies tell the stories of feelings and experiences that we have trouble making sense of or are unable to convey with words. Your eating disorder is a symptom; it does not reflect the sum of who you are, but it does let us know that something is troubling you. Eating disorders have much more to do with “everything else” than with food and body size.


If an eating disorder is taking up space in your life, chances are that there is not enough room for other parts of you to thrive. Many people who struggle with food, weight or body image also have difficulty meeting academic or professional goals and sustaining fulfilling relationships with others. Together we will work on helping you to access your emotions, find relief from symptoms, and be curious about the various factors that may have influenced your feelings about eating and your body.  My goal is not to change you, “make” you healthier, or stop you from engaging in your behaviors. I trust that these are things that you will be able to do for yourself when you feel ready.


Recovering from an eating disorder is hard work, and many people have mixed feelings about this process. You may experience pain along the way as the course of healing brings you into contact with past trauma, losses, or disappointments. You might also find that doing this work requires you to renegotiate your role in a variety of contexts and relationships. It is important to have patience with yourself as you develop greater access to your feelings and practice new ways of coping and expressing yourself. Taking the risk to give voice to those unheard feelings will help you begin to participate in your life with greater flexibility, increased confidence, and a genuine sense of belonging.

“Sit. Feast on your life.”
– Derek Walcott